The city of Heris is situated in the Northwest of Iran, not far from the provincial capital, Tabriz. In the city and its surroundings carpets are manufactured with a pattern that is easily recognized; in the center there is a large right-angled medallion with large marked corner sections. Large carpets are mainly made by fairly rough yarn on cotton warp with a rustic design.
There is no surprise that the carpet is woven based on subjective concepts of the weaver, without a sketch, because since the beginning of the 16th century till the present day the craftsmen in Heris have traditionally been making only this type of carpet, and they know perfectly well its design and pattern. Note that the residents of Heris are also renowned for production of flat-weave rugs, known as kilim.
Heris carpets, with its high wool quality, are well known for their durability and hardiness, and are very suitable for hallways and dining-rooms. Heris carpets are suitable for homes as well as for public environments.

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