The Qashqai nomads are found in the Fars province in the southwest of Iran and they live in the provinces of Fars, Khuzestan and Southern Isfahan but mostly in the surroundings of Shiraz. They move twice a year, between the winter pasture near the Persian Gulf and the summer pasture up in the Zagros Mountains where it is much cooler.
The carpets are woven on horizontal looms and the weaver sits during the weaving process on the half made part of the carpet. Seminomads, who are resident during a part of the year, weave carpets in the same way. A specially well-woven carpet is known as a Kashkooli.
The art of weaving carpets as well as kilims, bags, ribbons and other decorations is an important contribution to the life of the nomads. The carpets have a typical reddish-brown background color. The pattern is inspired by childhood memories, and often consists of a centrally placed medallion, repeated in all four corners. Humans, quadrupeds, birds, trees and flowers are popular elements. Other patterns are collected from frescos and columns in Persepolis in Ancient Persia.

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